Rugged DC DC Converter- Changes Made to Meet the Need of Time

One cannot think small while working in a big place. And the big places need not depend on the small electronic devices to continue their functioning or working. The introduction of the converters has always been considered as the beginning of a new era in the electrical and electronic world. No doubt, the converters have been able to take the burden of the place where they have been deployed. The rugged DC DC converter has proved its worth in every sector and this is the reason why the converters are in huge demand as of now. The fate of the converters has also changed with the advancement that is being made with the implementation of science and technology.

The role of converters in various fields can be termed as a significant and leap bound step towards galvanising the industrial process. The converters make sure that the entire process works towards giving the sector the required boost. The most significant area where the converters are being used and have been able to prove the mettle is the industrial units. The introduction of the converters in the industries has not only increased the reliability and the efficiency of the industries but also increased the production of the goods and services.

Converters in Industrial Sector

The industrial DC DC converter has been a boon for the industries. The earlier versions of the industrial converters were not as reliable as these were introduced more or less on a trial basis. The lacunae caused due to the malfunctioning of the converters were overcome by the introduction of the modified form of the DC-DC converters. The sophisticated form of the DC-DC converters was transformed into more tough and efficient waterproof converters. These converters could perform in the harshest of the environmental condition. Since, any sorts of water spillage do not affect the converters, therefore; there are very little chances of the converters to malfunction.

Industrial DC DC Converter- Usage

As already mentioned, the industrial DC DC converter finds usage in various fields in the industries. Experts believe that the converters are the backbone of the industry. Some of the application of the converters is as follows-

  • In the welding process

During the welding process, high voltage converters are used to produce high arc voltage with extremely high temperature. This high voltage arc has the potential to melt the metals to be joined. The low voltage is converted to high voltage with the help of a step up transformer that uses a converter.

  • In portable devices

The most significant utility of the converters can be found in the portable devices that house batteries. The batteries store the energy and produce it whenever required like in the case of the mobile batteries. The converters like the DC DC converter 12V are very common.

  • Switched DC-DC Converters

This type of converter increases the voltage from a lower battery voltage source and thus saves space. In other cases, the batteries would have to be added to get the desired voltage

  • In Running Machinery

Industries use several heavy pieces of machinery. These machines need to function well and this is possible only because of the application of the converters.

  • In photovoltaic system

The converters are used in the photovoltaic system to maximise the energy that is harvested.

  • In Wind Turbines

The converters are also used in wind turbines to increase the efficiency of the harvested energy and such converters are called as the power optimisers.

  • In Transformers

The DC-DC converters used in the transformers increases the efficiency of the transformers and hence reduces the losses. This makes the circuit cheap and efficient.

Introduction to Custom Power Products

The people’s dependability on the converters has been so much that the companies have been producing DC-DC converters as per the need and requirements. Stress has been laid on the development of the custom power products. The different companies have been doing well to implement master craftsmanship to ensure that they exceed the expectation of the industries and the people through their intensive quality assurance process methodology.

The example can be seen from the fact the custom power products are extensively been used in the power optimisers and the wind turbines.

AC-DC Converters

There is no fact denying that the converters have been the part and parcel of the daily usage. The importance of DC-DC converters is as equal as the AC-DC converters are. The power supply AC to DC converter has a different position in the electronic segment. One such example of the converter is the rectifiers. The rectifiers are the devices that convert the AC signals to DC signal. Most of the rectifiers find their utility in vacuum tube diodes and the mercury arc.

The rectifiers are of extensive use all the time. However, most of the time, the rectifiers are being used as the component of DC power supplies and in high voltage DC power transmission.

The utility of the converters as a whole has increased because of the introduction of the rugged DC DC converter. This converter has changed the way the different activities were being done. In short, it has opened the path of various aspects that remained closed because of the restriction of the converters.


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