Buy Only Standard Custom Made DC to DC Converters

Have you marked the emergence of custom made dc to dc converters and semi custom dc-dc converters? Well, there are multiple reasons behind this rapid emergence of customized powered products. One of the main reasons is the abundant manufacturing of these products. This is why the products now have become quite reasonable. Let’s find out other vital advantages of customized dc-dc converters.


Advantages of Custom made dc to dc converters:

  • You can get power at any place where you require it. Those days are gone when power was available only in that place from it was routed.
  • Its non-isolated feature protects from groundling problems
  • It provides extra wide input voltage range, or multiple inputs
  • You will be able to get reasonable cost in high volume
  • The feature of isolation helps you to float a power supply
  • Higher efficiency than home brew
  • These adjustable voltage dc to dc converters increase the speed of the product design
  • This type of products has exclusive voltages that free you from having to work around off-the -shelf solutions
  • The output sequencing of the products are designed in such a way that they can be incorporated into dc to dc converter.
  • Custom made power solutions are blessed with remote voltage sensing that allows the converters to control the voltage at the end of a cable.
  • The annunciation of such products permits you to monitor the state of the dc to dc converters
  • You can configure these products even to get battery backup.

The list of advantages does not end here. You can customize the products. In this way, you will be able to include some custom features in you dc-dc converters. These features are:

  • Voltage trimming in the factory or field
  • Voltage adjustment in the factory and field
  • If you can get a buck/boost converter, then you will be able to reduce and increase the input voltage
  • You can get nominal input range input voltage range, output voltage range, output current limit etc.
  • You can cut off the voltage if you find it going outside a certain range.
  • You may customize the feature that helps to control the voltage in the factory or field.
  • Another remarkable feature is the capacity to control the voltage with an external signal.
  • You may customize the size and mechanical configuration

The list of advantages is too long for a blog to contain. These are the most vital advantages of custom made power solutions. And these ones are enough to justify the importance of such devices.


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